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Valid Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey

By Abdul Bari  Dec. 24, 2014 6:42a

Divorce despite being one of the most challenging parts and decisions of one life, becomes the only alternative to end the sufferings at some point of time. However; this is not a very easy deal, as New Jersey as a state is pretty strict and conservative about divorce and never encourages the act as the first solution to bring the sufferings to an end. Hence; if you are also opting for divorce in order to give yourself and your present family some peace of mind, you should definitely be aware of the possible grounds on which the state law of New Jersey allows divorce.


This is definitely one of the most valid grounds for getting divorce. This is because, it is simply unacceptable for either of the spouses, whether the husband or the wife to get into a love relationship with some other person. According to the family law New Jersey, adultery in a marriage is unacceptable and it is a clear indication that adultery is a consequence of the fact that the spouse who is involved in adultery is either not happy with the marriage and his or her partner or is not honest himself or herself with his or her spouse. Since either of these reasons cannot lead to a happy married life, divorce is granted easily on the grounds of adultery and there is even no mandatory time limitation for this ground.


Separation may be one of the reasons which the couples seeking divorce can show in court as a ground for granting divorce. However; the couple must furnish valid proofs that they have seized to coexist for the last 18 months. Since it is pretty obvious that the couple must have faced some problems as a result of which they have ceased to live together, they will also not change their decision and start living together. Hence; this is again thought of as a valid ground for divorce in New Jersey.

Domestic violence:

Domestic violence is one of the most serious events related to family law New Jersey and is also therefore one of the most valid reasons for granting divorce quickly in New Jersey. If even one of the spouses, especially the wife proves that she has been physically or mentally tortured by the other spouse or his family members, she will be immediately granted divorce.

Drunkenness or serious addiction:

Serious addiction of even one of the spouses can be taken as a ground for divorce by the other spouses.

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