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Divorce Process- What to Expect

By Abdul Bari December 22, 2014

New Jersey as a state though is being equipped with its divorce laws and regulations, is not very casual about this act. This is because, the state believes in the piousness and the power of the bond and therefore always urges the divorcing couples to give a second thought on their decision, as it s not only their life but also sometimes the lives of children or the child which is associated with such a decision. Hence; the process of divorce is always intentionally discouraged by the state of New Jersey. However; couples at times often fail to pay a second thought as they say that maintaining the bond has become simply impossible for them and that the continuation of the relation may injure the couple mentally or physically. Such situations are considered under family law New Jersey and the couple are provided with the divorce. However; other than getting the divorce, there are many other things that every couple who are planning on divorce should be aware of and this article has been drafted to provide that information.

Child custody:

This is probably one of the most disturbing parts of a divorce case, wherein only one of the parents are handed over the right of child custody and the parent who has been handed over the custody is the one who is allowed to live with the child. According to the family law New Jersey, the court generally hands over the child's or children' custody to the parent who is more economically equipped and stronger, so as to ensure that the child or children never have to face any issues with their health, education and overall upbringing. However; in many instances, the custody is shared between parents and in that case, the maintenance charges of the child or children are shared between parents. Since both the parents have their emotional and mental strings attached with their child or children, the separation part becomes extremely painful and disturbing for the parent who has not been allowed the custody.


The other major disturbing part of a divorce case is the matter of alimony, which is generally born by the husband. The husband normally bears the alimony as a compensation to the wife for the breakage of the marriage and is paid by husband either as a one time payment or on a monthly basis. The court generally checks the economic status of the husband and comes to the conclusion about how the alimony can be paid out.

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