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Family Law New Jersey – Know About Divorce

By Abdul Bari December 29, 2014

Divorce is one of the most painful parts of one's life and no state encourage the act. Despite the availability of this system in every state, every state suggest that divorce should be the last resort for every couple and not the first alternative. However; despite everything, it is only a couple who can decide whether it will be possible any more for them to stay together and manage the marriage in which both are bound together. Hence; no state, including family law New Jersey will be able to restrain a couple from separating their ways.

Marriage is a social relationship. However; as much as it is social, it is also a legal relationship. Hence; it is very much important for the couple to part their ways by legally calling off the marriage and that can be done only by signing on the divorce papers. However; divorce is one such procedures that never seem to get accomplished in an easy manner. This is because, most of the times either both the spouses fail to opt for a mutual divorce or because they face problems with issues like child and spouse custody. The problem of custody usually comes into foreplay only when either of the spouses are financially dependent on the other.

Despite all the potential problems, couples who are deciding to opt for divorce, have to go through all these hassles and according to the family law New Jersey, the couple will still be able to apply for the divorce. However; there are many things that the couple will have to comply with and participate in before the divorce gets accomplished. Some of those major liabilities are: child custody, real estate property sharing, sharing of liabilities, spousal support and child support.

Alimony is one of the primary things that renders people bankrupt because of marriage, as courts often order alimony or maintenance charges which becomes impossible for the other spouse to bear. Apart from the alimony, the spouse who is responsible for the economic condition of the other spouse will also have to bear the maintenance charges of the spouse and the child or children, irrespective of the fact that whether the parent paying out the maintenance charges gets the child custody or not. Apart from maintenance and custody, the court also order the separating couple to share their properties like community real estate property and bank accounts. This is usually done to help the couple sustain a healthy and clean lifestyle even after the separation has been accomplished.

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