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New Jersey Family Law- Determination of Child Custody

By Abdul Bari December 26, 2014

One of the major decisions which often come up with reference to family separation, is the question of child custody. Despite the fact that separation from child or children is quite a disturbing thing, separating parents have to bear these hardships as well. The question of child custody is brought to the question, as it is not possible for separating parents to simultaneously manage the duties of the child, as that would hamper the child's future. Hence; according to the family law New Jersey, the child's custody is handed over to one of the parents by comparing certain factors, like their financial and social status, closeness with the child etc. The matter of child custody has been clearly explained in this article. Hence; if you are seeking some knowledge in the field, make sure that you read ahead.

Financial status:

One of the primary determining factors for child custody is the financial status of the parents. Generally, the parent with the higher income level is handed over the custody of the child or children, so as to ensure a better and secure future for the child or children. However; normally what happens is that the court provides the maintenance cost to both the parents by dividing the maintenance cost among them. While the custodial parent is asked to provide a higher amount of maintenance charge for the custody, the other parent is also provided with a certain amount of maintenance charge, with the only exception that the parent who is not handling the custody will have to pay comparatively less for the maintenance costs of the child or children.


In order to calculate the custodial and maintenance cost of the child or children, the court first make certain assumptions and carried out a calculation regarding the maintenance cost of the child. Some of the common assumptions and parameters that are included within the calculations are medical expenses, education expenses, insurance cost, visitation cost etc. the expenses for the proper upbringing of the child or children is usually divided among the parents. The court for example also asks the parents to provide additional maintenance charges for gifted or challenged children


Once the court comes to a conclusion about the financial status of the parents and calculates the expenses, the court calculates the maintenance cost either on the gross salary of the parents or their net salary. The court also sometimes makes certain considerations in the maintenance costs for the child according to the family law New Jersey, if one of the parents is already paying out some of his or her income for paying alimony.

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