Personal Injury Cases- Types

By Abdul Bari  Dec. 15, 2014 4:54a

Injuries that human beings incur as a result of getting involved in any accident that has been caused by somebody else's careless attitude and approach are all categorized under personal injury cases under the New Jersey state law. While none of these accidents are intentional, these are still eligible for getting regarded as offense and the accused or the responsible person then becomes liable to pay compensation for the accident that has happened as result of him or her. Mentioned below are some of the most common types of personal injury New Jersey cases.

Car accident:

With the ever increasing number of cars on the roads, chances of getting injured by a car is going up on a regular basis. However; the state has formulated various road rules and regulations for the drivers, so as to keep both the drivers and the people walking on the road or in other vehicles safe. Despite the tremendous amount of pressure on roads, drivers should always abide by the traffic rules and regulations and must always care for the lives of other people, even if they are not caring about their own lives. This is because, hurting someone as a result of reckless attitude while driving a car, can bring in serious consequences for the driver, as according to the personal injury New Jersey law, the driver will have to compensate for the losses that the other person or persons incur as a result of the accident. The responsible person may even have to undergo severe punishment, depending on the condition of the injured and the nature of crime that they have committed like drunk driving.

Dog bite:

Despite the fact that dogs are animals and they may not be as obedient and as well behaved as human beings, it becomes the responsibility of the pet owner to keep his or her dog away from new visitors, so that the dog fails to harm the person or people in any manner. Dog bites are also regarded as personal injury cases and the owner may have to compensate heavily for the loss that the injured people have suffered from due to the mishap.

Slip and fall:

Whether the accident happens while working on heights or whether a person falls down on a slippery floor while walking, all sorts of slip and fall cases which occur as a result of somebody else's misconduct and carelessness, all amount to personal injury New Jersey cases and the person who is found guilty of the accident is also made to compensate for the accident and the injured person’s medical expenditure.

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