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Family law – Know About surrogacy

By Abdul Bari  Dec. 19, 2014 7:05a

Surrogacy is when a woman bears the child of someone else. It requires a sperm donor, an egg donor and a surrogate mother who will conceive the child. Surrogacy is a type of assisted reproductive technology. With the help of surrogacy, women who are unable to conceive due to medical issue or may be for some other problem, can take the help of this procedure. In this procedure, a second woman offers her womb to conceive and nurture the child of the woman who is incapable of conceiving. The surrogate mother can be someone known to the family of the couple or she can also be hired through the agencies or the medical clinics which provide these services. However; a third party involvement in the surrogacy can create complexities and problems in the infertility treatment.

There are two types of surrogacy procedures - traditional and gestational. Traditional surrogacy means when the sperm of the male prospective parent is inseminated with surrogate’s egg. According to the surrogacy family law New Jersey, surrogacy programs are of two types like: local surrogacy and the surrogates who do not actually belong to New Jersey but are affiliated to the local clinics of New Jersey or the medical facilities which are providing the surrogate mothers. Apart from that, New Jersey allows only two types of surrogacy which state that IFV New Jersey is a locally based infertility clinic and the services provided by them are free of cost. Secondly, the surrogate mother may not belong to New Jersey but has registered herself or has a partnership with the infertility clinics of New Jersey.

Surrogacy is a huge industry in New Jersey today and there are various laws concerning surrogacy. Apart from that, there are also other related laws like fertility law and assisted production law. However; in this context we are concerned about the family law. Lawyers who practice family law New Jersey related to surrogacy say that assisted reproduction arrangement involves many people. For instance; if an unmarried or married single woman wants to become pregnant, she can opt to receive a donated sperm from couples who make donations of both the egg and sperm.

Though surrogacy is a very emotional issue, the intended parents who opt for this procedure, must make sure that the surrogate mother signs a contract in which it should be clearly mentioned that she won’t be claiming any rights on the child after giving birth to the child.

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