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Marriage may be defined as the state of being legally united with another person as husband and wife. In some states, same sex couples may become legally married as well. There are a number of legal issues that may arise before, during or after a marriage, and a competent family law attorney can offer valuable assistance in any of these matters. For example, you may be interested in drafting a prenuptial agreement prior to your wedding. During your marriage, you and your spouse may be interested in adopting a child. You may wish to end your marriage through a divorce or dissolution. In any of these and related family law matters, a lawyer can provide the guidance and legal protection you need.

Because marriage, divorce and all family law matters are legally complex and often emotionally charged in nature, you may find it helpful to take the time to choose a lawyer you feel is truly suited to address your unique needs. You can use this online directory to find and compare local attorneys who will be able to help you. It's easy, free and worthwhile.