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Divorce is a legal process that involves ending a marriage. It is necessary if spouses wish to live separate lives and remarry at a future date. In the U.S., married couples may have various options in approaching a divorce. They may take a collaborative approach, choosing negotiation or mediation to resolve issues instead of resorting to a courtroom battle. They may sort out all arrangements related to custody, support and property on their own, completing a straightforward uncontested divorce. They may need to go to court to resolve one or more issues related to child custody, spousal or child support or property division by way of a contested divorce.

No matter the approach taken, there is no question that legal representation may be beneficial before, during and after divorce proceedings. Complex, emotionally charged issues will need to be addressed. One's financial future may hang in the balance. A divorce lawyer can take action to protect one's financial concerns and legal rights to the fullest extent.