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A legal guardian is a person who has a legal right and responsibility to care for another. Guardianship typically applies in situations where a person is unable to care for him or herself. Children need legal guardians (their parents, except in rare cases) to ensure their financial and emotional support. In some cases, disabled or incapacitated adults may also require legal guardians if they are unable to care for themselves.

Guardianship is an area of family law that may need to be addressed in the event of a divorce, the death of one or both parents or in a situation where parents are unable or unfit to care for a child. These proceedings may arise in conjunction with allegations of child abuse, domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse or other situations that threaten a child's well-being. Due to their complexity and importance, finding the right family law attorney is absolutely crucial. We welcome you to use our directory to compare local lawyers who handle guardianship cases in your area.