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Legal Separation in Nevada

By Gordon Law Offices  Feb. 3, 2014 3:22p

In some cases, married couples may choose to legally separate as opposed to getting a divorce. A legal separation does exactly that – it separates the married partners, usually in a physical sense. They are, however, still legally married under the law so are not free to marry anyone else. Most often, a legal separation is done to create a financial structure for the separate parties. In that regard, it is also called "separate maintenance." Just as in a divorce, separating partners must come to terms with various issues, such as who will have custody of children, how child support and visitation will be handled, what kind of spousal support will ensue, and how marital debt and bills as well as marital property will be distributed or handled. To that end, all of these issues will need to be resolved to fully put the legal separation into place.

In Nevada, all of the separate counties have their own rules for the filing of a legal separation through the courts. For those in Las Vegas and Clark County, different filings are required for those with children, those who are seeking support, and those with community debt. Under Nevada law, a spouse who has grounds for divorce or who has been deserted by their spouse for at least 90 days may file for a legal separation involving separate maintenance and child support. An immediate separation may follow and no residency requirements must be met.

A legal separation may be the right option for those who are not ready to divorce or for those who choose not to divorce due to religious or financial reasons.

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While much rarer than divorce, legal separations are still sought by some couples in the state of Nevada. In order to accomplish this action, court filings and procedures are necessary. Legal separations are just one process that call for an experienced family law attorney. Other issues and processes include contested and uncontested divorces, adoption, annulment, child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, prenuptial agreements, paternity, enforcement of family court orders, and more.

If you need legal help in any area of divorce and family law in the Las Vegas, you can take advantage of a highly-experienced law firm practicing in this field. Gordon Law Offices is a firm whose attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience in all facets of Nevada divorce and family law. The firm offers personalized attention in a friendly, caring atmosphere where you will have the benefit of a skilled and dedicated legal team. Find out how your family law issue can be resolved with the help of an attorney at the firm – contact their law offices to schedule a free, initial case evaluation at your earliest convenience.

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