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Enforcement of Nevada Divorce and Family Law Court Orders

By Gordon Law Offices  Oct. 28, 2013 2:40p

Once a divorce has been finalized in Nevada, the divorce agreement becomes an official court order. This means that all terms of the divorce decided either through mutual agreement between the spouses or as determined by a judge must be followed. To violate these terms constitutes a violation of a court order. Thus, the terms concerning the division of marital property and debts, spousal maintenance, and child custody and visitation have full legal effect and must be followed or legal recourse can be taken by the aggrieved spouse against the non-compliant spouse.

An example of this would be a custodial parent who refuses to allow the other parent access to a child per the terms set forth by the court. If the matter cannot be resolved between the two parents in a satisfactory way, legal action can be taken by the denied parent. The court can then enforce the custody arrangements as originally ordered. A parent who refuses to comply can be placed in contempt of court or be subject to other court penalties, such as fines, community service, or even jail time. This type of scenario can also apply to spouses who violate court orders concerning child support or spousal support. An ex-spouse who is unhappy with a current court order can seek to have it legally changed through court action. The individual will usually need to have a compelling reason to make changes to an existing court order. A substantial change in the circumstances of the individual or other critical reasons which can be proven to the court must be shown (such as evidence of domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, or similar behavior) in order to change custody and visitation orders or child support orders.

Family Law and Divorce Lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada

Family law and divorce matters can be rife with stress, confusion, and other emotional reactions on the part of spouses, ex-spouses, separated parents, and unmarried parents. That is why when legal conflicts arise between these parties, it is best to seek the competent and caring legal support of an experienced attorney. You will want your legal rights to be protected and find ways to resolve the conflict in the most efficient and effective manner, whether through mediation or through the determination of a family court judge.

Whatever conflict you are facing in the field of divorce or family law in the Las Vegas area, you can turn to Gordon Law Offices, a family-run firm with over 50 years of experience. The firm handles all types of legal matters in this field, including all types of divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, division of marital property and debts, spousal support, relocation of divorced parents and children, enforcing or modifying family court orders, domestic violence, paternity cases, legal separation, adoption, and more. Get the experienced advice, support, and representation you need to resolve your divorce or family law matter, whether through mediation or through court litigation. Contact the firm for a free, initial consultation about your legal matter today.

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