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Children and Divorce

By Gordon Law Offices  Sep. 10, 2013 4:55p

One of the most worrisome aspects of divorce for parents is how it will affect their children. Some parents find this so troubling that they stay in unhappy marriages in order to protect their children from the emotional trauma that a divorce will bring. In the majority of cases, however, this is unnecessary. Researchers and other experts have generally found that the majority of children who experience the divorce of their parents generally recover within a relatively short time. In cases where the parents have been in obvious conflict, these children may even experience a form of relief at the end of the constant squabbling or fighting in the home.

A 2002 study conducted at the University of Virginia showed that children involved in a divorce will generally have adverse reactions in the short term, such as anger, anxiety, and shock but these emotions will have dissipated within two years. Only a very few children will remain negatively affected for longer periods. In another study in 2001, a sociologist at Pennsylvania State University studied the differences between the children of divorced parents as compared to children from families that had not been divorced. Various aspects of the children's overall adjustment were looked at, such as their achievement in school, their social relationships, behavioral problems, and their perception of themselves. The researchers in the study found only very small differences between the two groups concluding that divorce does not have any lasting or permanent negative effects on the overwhelming majority of children.

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Child custody and visitation is a major concern for most parents who are facing divorce. How to resolve this issue may take a lot of thought and negotiation between divorcing spouses. The issue can be effectively handled, especially in cases where parents can work together with their children's best interests firmly in mind. Where parents can agree on this issue, it can then be written up for the court to approve. This gives parents control over the matter as opposed to a judge.

If you are facing a divorce in or around the Las Vegas area, you can get the professional help you need to confront and resolve all of the issues surrounding your divorce, including child custody, parenting plans, the division of marital property and debts, alimony, and more. The legal team at Gordon Law Offices can assist you, using their close to 60 years of experience in the field of divorce and family law. Throughout the years of their long and successful practice, they have resolved even the most complex divorce cases; that is the kind of practical experience you can rely on when facing any type of divorce or family law problem. Contact the firm to get started by scheduling a free, initial consultation about your prospective divorce or family law issue today.

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