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Grandparents’ Rights in Nevada

Grandparents’ rights in family law revolve around the issues of visitation rights and even custody for petitioning grandparents.

Legal Separation in Nevada

In some cases, married couples may choose to legally separate as opposed to getting a divorce.

Enforcement of Nevada Divorce and Family Law Court Orders

Once a divorce has been finalized in Nevada, the divorce agreement becomes an official court order.

Division of Marital Property in a Nevada Divorce

Under Nevada law, the division of marital property in a divorce is subject to the “community property” rule.

Children and Divorce

One of the most worrisome aspects of divorce for parents is how it will affect their children.

Study Finds Divorced Women Much Happier

A recent study published in the journal Economica showed that divorce results in a higher level of happiness for women than for men and that happiness level lasts for up to five years after the ...

Gay Marriage Gaining Approval Here and Abroad

The New York Times reported earlier this month that the California Supreme Court denied a request by backers of Proposition 8, which is a proposition that bans gay marriages in the state.

High-Earnings by Women Affecting Marriages

A research paper published by three economists from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business shows evidence that old-fashioned concepts about who should earn the most money in the ...

The Basics of a Nevada Divorce

Divorce and family law issues can be difficult and stressful; these matters are intensely personal, private and often highly emotional.

Modifications of a Nevada Divorce Court Order

Once your divorce has been finalized, it may seem that the process is over.

Bill Which Helps Domestic Violence Victims is on the Final Stretch to Full Approval

State Bill AB284 met with unanimous approval in the Nevada Senate recently.

Wife Seeks Protective Order, Considers Divorce Two Months after Wedding

A.D. married her boyfriend, J.S., of 15 months but may now be headed to a divorce after only two months of marriage.

High-End “Divorce Parties” Continue Gaining Popularity in LV

More and more divorcees seem to be attracted to the growing trend of holding divorce parties in Las Vegas.

“The Bronze Bomber” Arrested in Las Vegas for Domestic Violence

27-year-old heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder was in Vegas recently for the Floyd Mayweather fight but made additional headlines for a much different sort of fight.

Understanding Divorce in Las Vegas

Divorce is a difficult and heartbreaking time in most people’s lives. One does not enter a marriage anticipating a divorce, but they do happen and are unfortunately fairly common.

The History of Divorce in Nevada

Nevada has a long history of people flocking to the state for both quickie marriages and quickie divorces. Nevada first established its laws on marriage and divorce in 1861.

Child Custody Issues in Nevada Divorces

The issue of child custody is often one that can be hotly contested between divorcing parents and even parents who have long since been divorced.

Types of Alimony in Nevada

Alimony, otherwise known as spousal support or maintenance, comes in four varieties in Nevada divorces.

Bitter Las Vegas Custody Battle Ends In Shooting

After a long and tumultuous marriage followed by an equally acrimonious divorce, a woman was acquitted of the murder of her husband after she told the court she shot him in self-defense.

Judicial Bias Alleged In Poker Champ Divorce

After learning that her former husband made several contributions to the judge presiding over their divorce settlement, a woman is filing a petition alleging bias.
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