Gordon Law Offices Articles Bill Which Helps Domestic Violence Victims is on the Final Stretch to Full Approval

Bill Which Helps Domestic Violence Victims is on the Final Stretch to Full Approval

By Gordon Law Offices  Jun. 5, 2013 3:20p

State Bill AB284 met with unanimous approval in the Nevada Senate recently. The bill is aimed at helping domestic violence victims by making it possible for a victim to terminate a lease or their connection to a housing lease without penalties. Currently, if a spouse or other individual is living with someone who is abusive or violent towards them, they may have to lose their security deposit or face other negative ramifications if they wish to move away from the alleged abuser. The bill is sponsored by Assemblywoman Lucy Floras of Las Vegas who is a survivor of domestic violence herself. She feels that the bill will help those facing a very difficult emotional situation by reducing financial difficulties that could be tied into getting away from a dangerous living situation. The bill if it becomes law would require that a victim provide the landlord with supporting reports so he or she can essentially break a housing lease without penalty. The landlord must be given a copy of a valid third party affidavit, police report or other legal document such as an order of protection in order to release the victim from a lease. The alleged abuser must be clearly identified in the reports or affidavit and the landlord would also have the right to pursue any back-owed rent or damages from the named abuser. If you need help with an incident involving domestic violence then speak with a knowledgeable divorce attorney immediately.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Serving Las Vegas

Domestic violence cases are best handled by an attorney skilled in criminal and family law matters. There are two sides to the coin when it comes to domestic abuse or violence issues and it is possible that you have been unfairly charged with committing this crime. If you find yourself in this position then you need a competent defender on your side that can also protect your best interests such as your relationship with your children. Likewise, if you have been the victim of abuse then it is crucial that you get immediate legal protection.

Contact an attorney with the Gordon Law Offices now to discuss your case and what we may be able to do for you. We understand the highly emotionally charged aspects of a domestic violence case and we don't back down when things get complex. We have successfully handled a variety of these types of cases from obtaining a protective order, dealing with Child Protective Services and guardianship issues to fighting frivolous allegations. Don't hesitate to get an experienced representative on your side as soon as possible!

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