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How to Reduce Your Expenses During a Divorce

By David Betz  Jun. 20, 2019 10:44a

Divorce can be a stressful experience. Like all things in life, money can add to your stress. Many of the expenses of divorce are hard to negate, such as; attorney fees, a Guardian Ad Litem, court costs and all the time one must set aside. However, if you come prepared and listen to the advice of your trusted St. Louis family law attorney, you may be able to reduce some of your expenses.

Likely, one of the best ways you can help is to keep lines of communication between yourself and your spouse open. Obviously, it is wise to consult with your attorney ahead of communication, but if you can speak with your spouse during the process you can potentially save a substantial amount of money. When attorneys must facilitate conversation, this adds greatly to the expense.

It is also important to choose your battles when communicating with your spouse. Remember, every disagreement adds time and cost. When you and your spouse disagree, it can lead to additional hearings, mediation, and additional attorney fees. This is not to say you should give in to every demand but think about what matters and what is minor before engaging.

The less money you spend on your divorce, the more you can spend furnishing a new home, purchasing goods for your children, and building a new life for yourself. Fighting during the divorce not only takes away resources and energy now, it is also taking it away from your future. Consult with your trusted Missouri lawyer and see how they can help you through this difficult time. Call (314) 801-8488 to learn more.

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