Hutchinson Law Articles Mom Seeks Custody After Husband Remarries Murderous Ex

Mom Seeks Custody After Husband Remarries Murderous Ex

By Hutchinson Law  Dec. 17, 2012 12:15p

Ex-Wife Hospitalized After Slaying Daughters

In a strange divorce law case, a woman is seeking sole custody of her children after she learned her former husband had remarried his ex-wife. Her concern stems from an incident twenty years previously when the woman killed her own daughters in a fit of temporary insanity.

According to court documents related to the incident, the woman married her ex-husband in 1995. When she first met the man, a marine fighter pilot, she learned that he suffered from a tragic past. His first wife, whom he had married in the 1980s, had suffered a nervous breakdown several years prior while he was overseas serving in the military. After putting the couple's two young girls to bed, she took a handgun and fatally shot them in their sleep.

During the ensuing trial, the defense lawyer representing the first wife claimed that she was insane and therefore not responsible for her actions, having suffered a bad reaction to her prescription anti-depressant Prozac. The court agreed with this interpretation, and sentenced her to be indefinitely interred at a mental hospital for psychiatric care. The grief-stricken husband divorced his wife, eventually remarrying the plaintiff.

The second marriage, however, was a rocky one, with both parties considering getting a divorce several times. By the time they finally split for good in 2004, the couple had two sons. In their custody agreement, the younger son remained living with his father, while the older boy went to live with his mom. Each parent split custody of both boys over the holidays.

Not long afterwards, however, the mother began to suspect that the man's first wife had come back into his life. She had been released from the hospital after more than a decade of psychiatric care, with her doctors proclaiming her to be completely cured. She soon remarried her ex-husband, and the two began to secretly live together.

The mother eventually confronted her ex-husband about the remarriage, and he admitted that they were back together. He told her, however, that they were in the middle of getting a divorce and would be splitting up soon. According to court documents, however, no divorce papers were ever filed.

Once she learned that the two were still together in 2011, the mother sought a subpoena seeking sole custody of her two sons, citing the woman's violent past as a danger to her boys' lives. The case is still ongoing, though a judge has ruled to allow the boys to remain with their father until further notice.

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