Hutchinson Law Articles Florida Parenting Plans and Child Custody Arrangements

Florida Parenting Plans and Child Custody Arrangements

By Hutchinson Law  Feb. 13, 2012 11:11a

In 2008, changes were made to the Florida laws governing child custody and visitation in divorce cases. These changes did away with such concepts as “visitation,” and “primary” or “secondary” when it comes to custody. Apparently, Florida divorced parents flooded the courts with arguments over these concepts; parents did not want to be viewed as “visiting” their children or be thought of as second-class parents in cases of “secondary” custody. Thus, time-sharing and parenting plans came into being in the matter, removing the stigma of the earlier terms.

Time-sharing plans involving both parents are encouraged by the Florida courts. Public policy favors a continuing relationship with both parents for any minor child after a divorce, unless there is some reason why it would not be in the best interests of the child. Factors which would prevent equal parenting would include situations where domestic violence or child abuse occurred in the past or cases where a parent has a drug or alcohol problem which could endanger the safety of the child. Every case of time-sharing is reviewed by the courts to ensure that the issue is resolved fairly. Twenty different factors may be considered by the courts to determine this issue.

Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer

To make sure that you understand the full impact of the changes and how they may relate to you, you should discuss your time-sharing concerns with a knowledgeable attorney. In the Jacksonville area, you can turn to the law firm of Hutchinson Law whose legal team has dedicated their years in practice to such issues. A Jacksonville divorce attorney at the firm can review and evaluate your custody and time-sharing issues to help ensure that your parental legal rights are fully protected.

If you are facing a potential legal separation or divorce, you will want the skilled and experienced assistance of an attorney who will take the time to understand all of the facets of your particular situation. That is the kind of personal attention and client commitment you will find at this Florida firm focusing on divorce and family law.

Contact a Jacksonville time-sharing attorney at the firm for a consultation about your divorce today.

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