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Determining Property Division

By Gordon Law Offices  Nov. 21, 2010 5:10p

One of the single most difficult aspects of determining the terms of a divorce or legal separation agreement is the division of marital properties and debts. Not only can determining separate property from community property be difficult, but also deciding which spouse will receive which items at the end of the divorce process can be a tiring and emotionally fueled fight. Whether you are participating in an uncontested divorce, contested divorce or a legal separation, it is very important that you are treated fairly during the property and debt division process. If you are considering a divorce or legal separation, a Las Vegas property division lawyer at our offices can help you with legal guidance for your case.

In Nevada, there are two different types of property in a marriage, which must be identified at the end of the marriage. The first is separate property, which is the properties, assets and possessions of each individual spouse before the marriage began, or which solely belong to them. The second is community, joint or marital property, which is all possessions acquired during the course of the marriage, regardless if they are solely in one spouse's name. During the property division, these assets and properties must be properly identified, and then a judge will decide the most appropriate and equitable way to distribute the property, depending on factors such as children and the separate financial state of each spouse.

Property Division Lawyer in Las Vegas

If you are considering or are in the midst of a divorce, no matter if your divorce is contested or uncontested, it can be very helpful to your case and your future to hire an attorney with years of experience in family law. At the Gordon Law Offices, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are treated fairly in the terms of the divorce, and present the best possible case for ensuring that fairness if a divorce is contested.

Contact a Las Vegas Property Division Attorney at our firm today to find out how we can help your divorce case.

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