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Child Custody in Uncontested No-Fault Pennsylvania Divorce

By Cairns Law Offices  Sep. 10, 2013 5:00p

A child custody battle does not have to occur in every divorce. For those divorcing parents who wish to keep the conflict to a minimum and to remain in control of the agreements reached regarding their children, a mutually acceptable child custody agreement can be written. This custody agreement can be prepared by an attorney if you and your spouse have decided on the best situation for your children after your divorce is finalized. The court will likely approve any child custody agreement signed by both parents which lists how certain necessary legal factors will be handled, such as physical custody, legal custody, a parenting plan or visitation schedule, and how major expenses and child support will be handled.

Physical custody refers to where and with whom the child will live. If a child spends a majority of his time with one parent, then that parent is generally referred to as having primary physical custody. Legal custody is usually given to both parents unless there is a reason not to do so; this type of custody refers to the right to take part in making major decisions about the child, such as those concerning health, education, religion, and other important life decisions. A parenting plan will spell out the visitation schedule between the two parents on a weekly basis as well as a schedule for holidays and school vacations. Other factors which should be written into the agreement may concern whose health insurance will cover the children, how uncovered medical expenses will be paid, and child support provisions.

Uncontested No-Fault Divorce Attorney Serving Pennsylvania

For those who want a quick, easy, and low-cost divorce, the Cairns Law Offices provides an internet-based divorce service that can be started online. This law office also can prepare a child custody agreement for spouses who have reached their own agreement on this vital matter. Cairns Law Offices does not represent clients in custody battles or in custody hearings in court. It does prepare settlement agreements for child custody and as well as how to divide property and debt.

If you are seeking a fast uncontested no-fault divorce in state of Pennsylvania, this is the firm to use. You can begin your divorce by filing it online through Cairns Law Offices. You will receive the legal services of a knowledgeable and friendly legal staff. At the same time, you will be saving money. You can call the offices for a free initial legal consultation with an experienced divorce attorney to get started. Or you can visit the firm's website to learn more about how their unique and affordable e-service works at

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