Jones Law Firm, PC Articles Unexpected Difficulties Concerning Civil Unions

Unexpected Difficulties Concerning Civil Unions

By Jones Law Firm, PC  Oct. 10, 2013 4:47p

As Colorado joins the growing number of states that allow either same sex marriages or civil unions between same sex partners, there are a number of other issues that have been coming to light that may be unexpected. While same sex marriage has long been an issue of civil rights, what about the civil rights of those who oppose such marriages or unions on religious grounds? One area of contention that has gained attention is the various professionals and others associated with some aspect of wedding planning. Now that a same sex couple can seek a civil union in Colorado, that couple may find it difficult to find a venue willing to host their ceremony and celebration. The same goes for wedding cake bakers, flower arrangers, DJs, photographers, event rental equipment outfitters, etc., etc. A baker or owner of an event hall or other such location may decline to provide services to a same sex couple on the grounds of personal religious reasons. These business professionals are then slapped with discrimination suits or other actions concerning state antidiscrimination laws. Here we have a difficult situation concerning religious freedom and civil rights on both sides. Cases concerning this situation could wind up in U.S. Supreme Court.

One Denver baker is facing state sanctions after he refused to honor an agreement to create wedding cakes in several instances after discovering that it was for a same sex couple's commitment ceremony. He reportedly spoke to patrons about his Christian beliefs which prevented him from participating. He stated through an attorney that he does not have a "hatred of gays" but simply wants to honor what he sees is the right thing to do when living a life "in obedience to [God] and His Word." One patron who was denied a cake after it was discovered that it was for a gay couple has filed a discrimination suit. It is a difficult and emotionally heated subject to be sure and those seeking a civil union should consult with a knowledgeable family lawyer about their rights.

Denver Family Law Attorney for Civil Unions

If you and your partner wish to enter into a civil union then it is important that you know everything about what this legally entails. An attorney with us at Jones Law Firm, PC is well-versed in the Colorado Civil Union Act and has handled a variety of related cases from the union itself to parental rights and divorce. Contact our law offices today to schedule a time to discuss your case with a dedicated legal professional.

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