Taxes and Divorce

Filing taxes after divorce or separation can be complicated. As another tax year begins, it is important to remember how taxes may affect your post-divorce life. Many couples face high tax costs after they have ended their marriage. That's because receiving alimony and dividing property can ...
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Taxes and Divorce
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Why Hire an Attorney?

An Orange County family law attorney can be used to help solve your divorce, child custody, and family law issues.

Why Hire a Divorce Attorney?

Find out why a knowledgeable family law attorney can benefit you in a divorce.

Domestic Violence

A victim facing domestic violence has options; a Los Angeles family law attorney can help.

Resolving Your Case

Find out how your case may be resolved in a legal matter.

Child Custody

A Los Angles divorce attorney discusses how child custody orders are decided.


Child custody and visitation are some of the most complex issues in family law. Talk to Orange County family lawyer, Bruce Bridgman, to learn more.

Family Law Issues

Are you involved with divorce, custody, visitation, guardianship, adoption, or another family law issue?

Complexities of a Divorce

Divorce procedures can be difficult and it is beneficial to have an experienced attorney.

Properly Prepared Documents

Contact a Los Angeles attorney to help properly prepare your legal paperwork.

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Facing any type of family law matter can be difficult, to say the least. You may be dealing with a complicated legal situation where your financial stability and your relationship with your spouse and children are on the line. Whether you are faced with a divorce or child custody dispute or are interested in adoption, a skilled family law attorney can provide you with knowledgeable guidance and much-needed legal protection.

We created this directory to not only provide you with helpful information about the complex field of family law but to help you easily find the right legal professional for your case. Visit our Family Law Information Center or take a moment to read some of the blogs or articles posted by the family law and divorce lawyers listed in our directory. To find an attorney, enter your location or conduct a search by legal topic and we will provide you with a list of lawyers in your area that may be able to assist you.

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Riverside Divorce Lawyer: Hanson, Gorian & Bradford

If you have made the decision to file for divorce, you will soon discover that this is just the start of the many decisions involved with divorce settlements. The divorce process can be painful and emotionally traumatizing and you may feel incapable of making these huge, life-changing decisions. With the help of our team, you will have the support and legal knowledge you need to make the best decision regarding issues of child support, child custody, spousal support and more. The Law Offices of Hanson, Gorian & Bradford is here to help you simplify and streamline your divorce process.

From the outset, our legal team will provide you with exceptional support and dedicated legal counsel. We understand the challenges and roadblocks that can occur during the divorce process, and we have the insight necessary for effectively solving these problems and helping your case reach conclusion. Our full-service law firm takes pride in what we have accomplished for our clients in the past, and we are confident that we can help you as well. With a high-level of service and answers to your toughest questions, we will help explain the various options available to you.

Regardless of your situation, it is imperative that you understand the laws and regulations that could significantly impact your future. A Riverside divorce attorney at our firm will spend as much time needed in order to help you feel comfortable and confident in the choices that you are making. We aim to help you succeed with your goals for your divorce case, and our firm will be by your side during each step of the long process.

The time to start receiving knowledgeable legal help is now! Contact a Riverside divorce lawyer at The Law Offices of Hanson, Gorian & Bradford to receive your free consultation about your divorce case!

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