Student Loans After Divorce

According to the Institute for College Access and Success, college students who took out loans and earned bachelor's degrees in the year 2012 graduated with approximately $29,400 in educational debt. Many of those young men and women then get married, toting their expenses into the marital ...
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Student Loans After Divorce
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Why Hire a Divorce Attorney?

Find out why a knowledgeable family law attorney can benefit you in a divorce.

Child Custody

A Los Angles divorce attorney discusses how child custody orders are decided.

Domestic Violence

A victim facing domestic violence has options; a Los Angeles family law attorney can help.


Child custody and visitation are some of the most complex issues in family law. Talk to Orange County family lawyer, Bruce Bridgman, to learn more.

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Find out how your case may be resolved in a legal matter.

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An Orange County family law attorney can be used to help solve your divorce, child custody, and family law issues.

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Divorce procedures can be difficult and it is beneficial to have an experienced attorney.

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Facing any type of family law matter can be difficult, to say the least. You may be dealing with a complicated legal situation where your financial stability and your relationship with your spouse and children are on the line. Whether you are faced with a divorce or child custody dispute or are interested in adoption, a skilled family law attorney can provide you with knowledgeable guidance and much-needed legal protection.

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Brian D. Perskin, New York Divorce Attorney

When a person files for divorce from their spouse, they are often unaware of the complicated legal situation that they have just entered into, especially if they fail to speak with a divorce lawyer right away. The benefits of having a New York divorce lawyer are unimaginably high and virtually never-ending. Hiring an attorney for your case will grant you immediate protection from any harm or wrongful action that may be lingering in the near future. You will also have an instant understanding of your rights and the correct choices you should make if you want to retain custody of your children, obtain a certain piece of property, or pursue spousal support options.

At the Law Offices of Brian D. Perskin, you can rely on the legal team to provide you with years of experience in devoted family law matters. All family law matters are equally as stressful and emotional for a family going through the divorce process, and failing to retain the legal services of an attorney can even delay the process some time. If you are looking for a successful and straightforward divorce in New York, now is the time to talk to New York divorce lawyer Brian D. Perskin.

In addition to handling traditional divorce and child custody cases, the firm also works with same-sex couples who are seeking marital legal assistance or divorce. New York is currently the sixth state in the country that recognizes gay marriage, and applies many of the same legal implications for same-sex marriages. As such, if you are considering divorce from your spouse, you will also need a divorce attorney. For more information on your rights during any divorce or family law matter, contact a New York divorce lawyer at the Law Offices of Brian D. Perskin today. Visit to learn more.

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