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Why Hire an Attorney?
An Orange County family law attorney can be used to help solve your divorce, child custody, and ...
Child custody and visitation are some of the most complex issues in family law. Talk to Orange ...
Family Law Issues
Are you involved with divorce, custody, visitation, guardianship, adoption, or another family law ...

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Domestic Violence and Alimony

Nelson Cutter speaks about domestic violence and your eligibility to receive spousal support.
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Father's Rights

Nelson Cutter discusses the rights of a father when determining child custody and visitation.
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Alejandro Mendoza - International Child Custody

Watch the ABC news below and see how Galit Moskowitz helped Alejandro Mendoza get his two lovely kids back from Korea. We helped him through this complicated case, we can help you too!!
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Uncontested Divorce

Mr. Perskin discusses why it is important to hire an attorney even for a simple uncontested divorce.
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Firm Values & Experience

Samuelson, Hause & Samuelson is a firm that is small enough to give close personal attention, but is large enough to handle the most complex issues faced in matrimonial litigation.
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Domestic Violence

Attorney Lance Claery discusses how he can help victims of domestic violence.
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Dividing Assets

Family Law Attorney Brian Perskin explains equitable distribution and the division of assets after a divorce.
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Attorney Matthew Lax discusses the importance of having an attorney to sort out paternity issues such as custody, visitation and child support.
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Law Office of Bryan Fagan Presents WHERE DO I FILE FOR DIVORCE?

hello my name is Brian Fagan and today 00:08 we are going to be discussing where to 00:10 file for divorce one of the questions I 00:12 get asked a lot is where do you file for 00:14 divorce in Texas ...
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Order of Protection

Mr. Perskin explains how an order of protection against your spouse can stop any physical or emotional abuse.
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