January, 2012 Videos

Family Law Issues

Attorney Bruce Bridgman discusses family law issues such as divorce, alimony, child custody and support.
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Why Hire an Attorney?

Mr. Bridgman speaks about the benefits of having an experienced family law attorney to help you through a divorce.
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Bruce Bridgman explains how child custody and visitation is determined.
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Domestic Violence

Attorney Lance Claery discusses how he can help victims of domestic violence.
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Why Use an Attorney?

Mr. Claery discusses the advantages of having an attorney prepare your divorce paperwork for you.
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Properly Prepared Documents

Lance Claery speaks of the importance of having all your paperwork prepared correctly before you go in front of a judge.
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Child Support

Attorney Lance Claery explains how child support is calculated.
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Resolving Your Case

Mr. Claery discusses the resolution of a divorce or custody case.
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Complexities of a Divorce

Attorney Lance Claery explains some of the factors involved in the divorce process.
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Why Hire a Divorce Attorney?

Lance Claery speaks about the importance of having an attorney help you through family law issues.
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Child Custody

Lance Claery explains what a judge looks for to determine child custody.
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