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Law Office of Bryan Fagan Presents WHERE DO I FILE FOR DIVORCE?

hello my name is Brian Fagan and today 00:08 we are going to be discussing where to 00:10 file for divorce one of the questions I 00:12 get asked a lot is where do you file for 00:14 divorce in Texas ...
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Valentine's Day FREE Divorce Giveaway - Law Office of Bryan Fagan

We understand a divorce may not always fit the budget. Yet, we have seen many individuals and/or couples who continue to stay in an unhealthy situation due to the lack of funds. This is why we have ...
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Houston Family Law Attorney - Law Office of Bryan Fagan

00 Rick knew he wanted a divorce but he was 00:02 scared of the unknown should I move out 00:04 of the house will I get custody what 00:06 about child support then he met with an 00:08 experienced ...
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