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Studies Show Children in Divorces Recover

By Jones Law Firm, PC  Jun. 17, 2013 11:33a

It's common knowledge how difficult divorce can be for families with children. How to safely get your child through this stressful and destabilizing experience is often one of the most challenging aspects of the divorce process for a parent. Yet several studies have shown that overall the large majority of children safely recover from the experience and adjust to their new circumstances. A 2002 study by a University of Virginia psychologist showed that children may suffer such adverse effects as anxiety, shock, disbelief, and anger at their parents' divorce but that these effects are generally short-term. The study's findings revealed that these negative effects diminished over time. After an average period of about two years, they were negligible or completely gone in most children.

In another 2001 study by a sociologist at Pennsylvania State University, the children of divorced parents were looked at several years after the divorce had taken place. In the study, these children were compared to children of families where divorce had not occurred. The research reviewed academic achievement, emotional and behavior status, social relationships, delinquency, and the child's view of himself. The study findings revealed very little difference in all of these factors between the two groups. The conclusion from the research was that children of divorced parents are not permanently scarred by the process and that they apparently bounce back from any negative effects the divorce may have.

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To lessen the stress and ease the divorce experience, it is important to have a good working knowledge of how the process will directly affect your particular situation both in the short term and the long run. You will want to be informed about your options and how best to proceed, especially in a divorce that involves complicated or highly-charged issues. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who can give you the guidance and support you need can make all the difference in your divorce.

Jones Law Firm, PC, located in Denver, provides highly professional and caring legal assistance for those facing divorce and in all other types of family law matters, such as alimony, child support, domestic abuse, fathers' rights, grandparents' rights, legal separation, military divorce, paternity cases, and more. Lead attorney April Jones has been practicing in this field since 1991. She and her legal team are dedicated to providing the competent legal service that you can trust. Contact the firm to arrange for a legal consultation about your divorce or other family law matter to get the help you need.

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