Jones Law Firm, PC Articles Government Shutdown Poses Problems for Those Owed Child Support

Government Shutdown Poses Problems for Those Owed Child Support

By Jones Law Firm, PC  Oct. 10, 2013 4:47p

The whole government shutdown mess has Americans all over the country experiencing annoyance, inconvenience and frustration. Some degree of mystery surrounds which services are affected, will be affected or will not be affected at all. One government service is of particular interest to those in dire need of it—enforcement of delinquent child support payments. Services which seek to obtain payments from a parent who has not been complying with court orders to pay child support may be shut down or slowed creating further delays in that payment getting to where it is needed. It doesn't matter what state the parent lives in, if he or she has not made payments according to a divorce agreement or other court ordered agreement regarding parenting for six months or more then there can be dire consequences at a state and federal level. Action that may be taken against a parent that has failed to pay can include criminal warrants, property liens, driver's license suspension, passport revocation, wage garnishment, denial of tax refunds or other government benefits as well as other actions. Children in need of these payments may face further delays in receiving them as the government shutdown continues. Speak with a divorce attorney if you have questions or need help with a child support case.

Need help with a child support matter?

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to child support; you may be a parent who is unable to maintain payments as they are stipulated in a divorce or support agreement or you may be a parent seeking to have court orders enforced. Whichever the case, a skilled family law attorney may be able to help. It may be possible to have a child support agreement modified if financial, health or other circumstances have changed. Likewise, you may need to take the step of seeking enforcement from the courts and authorities if a parent has become delinquent in making payments (and subsequently in contempt of court as well).

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Contact a highly competent and dedicated divorce lawyer on our team at Jones Law Firm, PC today to discuss your case. We may be able to help get your family law matter sorted out swiftly and effectively. We understand how important your family is to our clients so we do everything possible to get the legal outcome our clients need no matter how complex the case.

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