Jones Law Firm, PC Articles Nuggets’ Lawson and Girlfriend Jailed after Domestic Dispute

Nuggets’ Lawson and Girlfriend Jailed after Domestic Dispute

By Jones Law Firm, PC  Aug. 26, 2013 9:50a

The Denver Nuggets' 25-year-old guard, Tywon Lawson, and his girlfriend, Ashley King, were recently taken into custody by deputies after an alleged domestic violence incident. Per Denver domestic violence laws, both Lawson and his girlfriend, 24 years old and of reality TV fame for her appearance on "Bad Girls Club", were jailed on investigation of misdemeanor domestic violence-related charges. They both remained in jail for two nights until their hearing before a judge. Reports do not detail what occurred exactly but the incident apparently involved loud arguing and damaged cellular phones at Lawson's home. A mandatory protection order was placed against Lawson and a mandatory injunction against King. The judge instructed that they were not to have any contact until their pending arraignment in about a week. King and Lawson were then released on $1,000 bond each. The charges they are being investigated for include misdemeanor charges for domestic violence-related harassment and property damage. The couple has issued a statement that the arrest was a misunderstanding and they are still together working things out. Speak with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer if you are involved in a case concerning domestic violence.

About Denver Domestic Violence Charges

When authorities are called to look into a possible domestic violence incident they will usually take both parties into custody while an investigation into the complaint is conducted. These cases can involve accusations or instances of assault, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical battery, threats and other circumstances existing between a couple who share or used to have a romantic relationship, family members or unrelated people living together. You should consult with a skilled family law attorney if you and your children feel unsafe around your spouse or if you have been accused of domestic violence. You'll need legal representation that understands these cases and surrounding matters such as obtaining an order of protection or restraining order, etc.

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Our caring and highly skilled team at the Jones Law Firm, PC has represented clients in families in the Denver area in a variety of divorce and family law related matters. We have successfully helped clients with cases involving domestic violence, protection orders, divorce, contested divorce, child custody, child support, modifications of court orders, enforcement of court orders and many others. Don't hesitate to contact our law offices today to arrange a time to meet with a dedicated divorce lawyer who understands the difficulties you are going through.

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