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Domestic Partnerships

By Meyers Law Group  Nov. 2, 2010 1:15p

The state of New York does not allow same-sex couples to legally marry, so gay and lesbian couples opt for a domestic partnership agreement, which can afford them legal protection for their children, assets and property in the event of an unexpected illness or death. However, same-sex couples are not the only ones to utilize domestic partnerships.

Any two adults may enter into this type of legally binding contract, which will allow them to share assets, protect their children, retirement funds and medical care and guardian issues in unforeseen circumstances. Unmarried couples and same-sex couples can find comfort knowing this type of agreement protects them legally.

A Long Island domestic partnership attorney can guide couples through the legal process of registering their relationship with the city clerk and tackling the legal hurdles and paperwork that will formally establish their domestic partnership. Utilizing a domestic partnership when marriage is not an option can also help avoid disputes between immediate family members and the domestic partner in the event of illness or death and should be strongly considered especially when substantial assets or children are involved.

When entering into a domestic partnership, cohabitation agreements will help protect the assets and property of both individuals, and can serve to decide property and debt distribution as well as child custody or support in the event of a dissolved relationship.

Domestic Partnership Lawyer in Long Island

If you or a loved one have a relationship where marriage is not an option but issues such as child support, medical care and power of attorney are questions which need answering, it is imperative that you contact a domestic partnership attorney as soon as possible. At Meyers Law Group, PC we are devoted to our clients and their needs and will provide you with all of the information we have in order to educate you on the legal processes involved and help achieve the resolution you have in mind. We give each of our clients the attention and dedication their case deserves and can help you make informed intelligent decisions for your legal case.

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