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Study Shows When Marriages May Begin to Fail

By Law Offices of Frank F. Ali  Mar. 20, 2013 2:28p

A British study in which 2,000 married adults were polled about their habits showed a definite end to married bliss. After three years and six months, most of those polled admitted to taking their spouse and their marriage for granted. At that point, according to the study, bad habits began to set in, such as going to bed at different times, eating at different times, lack of date nights, and never saying "I love you." Appearance also took a turn for the worse with couples dressing down before the other got home, and women not bothering with make-up or shaving their legs. Forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day also became habitual as well as preferring to spend time with friends rather than with one another.

While some may view these behaviors as a decline, 75 percent of those polled felt that such behaviors were normal for anyone married for that length of time. 90 percent felt that they could behave in such ways because they were so comfortable with one another. Only 43 percent felt that taking one another for granted was not ideal. 82 percent of the couples felt that their marriages were happy. About half, however, wished for more romance in the relationship.

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Those whose marriages are no longer tolerable will generally be faced with the divorce process. Divorce can be difficult, especially when the issues of children and the division of marital property and debts must be handled. These issues may seem overwhelming, especially when one is beset by all of the negative emotions which can accompany divorce. That is why is it is important to have the legal assistance of an attorney who knows the law, the process, and how best to navigate the transition.

The Law Offices of Frank F. Ali, serving clients in and around Roseville, offers excellent legal representation for those facing divorce and for post-divorce matters, such as modifications of court orders or enforcement of court orders. The firm has years of experience and many successful case resolutions to its credit. No matter what family law situation you may be facing, the legal team can find an appropriate and workable solution for you. Contact the office to arrange to speak with an attorney about your divorce or other family law matter today.

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