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Baby Boomer Divorces on the Rise

By Law Offices of Frank F. Ali  Mar. 21, 2013 2:25p

Divorces among baby boomers are soaring, according to the latest statistics. In 1990, only ten percent of those getting a divorce were over the age of 50. In 2009, that statistic had risen to 25 percent. There may be several reasons for the increasing number, according to experts. Divorce is no longer a concept that older individuals find incomprehensible. Because they are living longer, with healthier lives, the baby boomer age group is now faced with many functional years past retirement, in which they can pursue the things they couldn’t while part of the working force. Those things may include the fact that they are no longer happy with their partner of decades and since they have many years yet to enjoy life, why not sever a relationship that is no longer working. With children gone, there is no longer the necessity of staying together.

In 66 percent of recent baby boomer divorces, the one who initiated the divorce was the woman. This may be because women over 50 in our society have more money than in previous generations with jobs and careers which lead to the ability to earn, which frees these women to be able to make the decision to divorce. Divorce for those nearing retirement, however, can be hard on a couple’s finances. Understanding all of your options in order to make the best decisions concerning divorce is a must for anyone, especially those with financial concerns.

Divorce Attorney in Roseville, California

Anyone considering a divorce should seek legal counsel in order to fully understand the process; making informed decisions about such personal matters as the division of marital property and debts, children, and more is a key part of dissolving your marriage. At the Law Offices of Frank F. Ali, serving clients in and around Roseville, you will find a legal team that is fully dedicated to divorce and family law and in serving your best interests. Every divorce requires a customized legal solution and that is what Attorney Ali and his legal team focuses on.

The firm handles contested and uncontested divorce, high net-worth divorce, legal separation, child custody, post-divorce modification, enforcement of court orders, and offers divorce mediation services. To learn more about how the firm can assist you, contact their offices or visit their website for information at

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