Jowdy & Jowdy Articles Understanding Property Division in Divorce

Understanding Property Division in Divorce

By Jowdy & Jowdy  Feb. 24, 2011 4:01p

In the event of a divorce, Connecticut judges do not automatically divide assets, properties and debts from the marriage evenly. In fact, specific factors are taken into account when it is necessary for the court to decide how property will be divided between divorcing spouses. In the event that the spouses are able to amicably decide upon a solution for the division of their assets such as when a divorce mediator is used, the court does not have to be involved. In any other case however, a judge will examine many factors that affect the stability and finances of each spouse and will determine what the best division of the properties will be for each spouse. If you are involved in a divorce it is recommended that you contact a Danbury divorce attorney as soon as possible for support in handling the divorce legalities.

The process of property division is handled through an equitable distribution of assets, debts, properties and other holdings to each spouse. This does not mean that the property will be divided evenly, but rather that it will be divided in what the judge or court deems to be the most fair division based on factors such as the presence and custody of children, contributions to the marriage and household including financial and emotional contributions, as well as the history of any frivolous or unnecessary spending by either spouse.

Property Division Lawyer in Danbury

When someone is getting divorced, any person should always have a skilled attorney assisting them with the often complex and confusing legal matters that a divorce encompasses. At Jowdy & Jowdy we will walk you through every step necessary, keeping you informed and involved while providing the dedicated, aggressive legal advice and guidance that is vital to protecting your rights during a divorce, especially one that is emotionally charged or particularly hostile.

Contact a Danbury property division attorney at our firm for a free case evaluation regarding your divorce today!

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