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New Divorce “Documentary” Criticized for being Emotion- rather than Fact-Driven

By Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, APC  Jan. 27, 2014 1:14p

Critics with "LA Weekly Film" recently reviewed the 2014 self described documentary Divorce Corp. The tagline for the film, "Marriage is an institution. Divorce is big business" is meant to describe the purpose of the film to uncover corruption in family courts across the nation. The film is narrated by controversial "love doctor", Psychiatrist Drew Pinsky (formerly of KROQ's "Love Line") and is described as being "flimsy and one-sided" according to the LA Weekly article. The review goes on to describe the film as giving few statistics and no effective solutions. The review acknowledges that there may be a story there in need of telling but the one-sided presentation of the case makes it difficult to truly understand what the extent of alleged corruption is. In one instance a brief internet search of one of the victims interviewed in the film brings up public documents involving instances of fraud on that individual's behalf.

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