Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, A.P.C. Articles Is Facebook Creating Unnecessary Difficulties in Your Relationship?

Is Facebook Creating Unnecessary Difficulties in Your Relationship?

By Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, A.P.C  Sep. 3, 2013 9:47a

The role of Facebook in people's lives has become undeniable. It has many benefits for both personal and professional uses. Business owners, musicians and others can use Facebook to promote more a "personal" sort of messages to friends, friends of friends and gather new "friends" as well. What this social networking site is more known for, of course, is making personal connections on some level. Some users are able to connect with childhood friends or other acquaintances they haven't seen for years, others make new connections with people of similar interests and of course, many people use the site to keep closer friends apprised of their daily activities (or hourly activities as the case may be). Unfortunately, Facebook use could result in some unforeseen or unwanted negative effects in real life, non-cyber relationships.

One South Pasadena man who had participated in a recent study concerning Facebook related how his frequent use of the site affected his relationship with his girlfriend. He admitted to using the networking site several times a day—mostly via his smart phone—and being asked by his girlfriend why he was on his phone all the time. Some people are more likely to continue some form of connection to an ex-significant-other which may create jealousy or distrust in a current relationship. Posts, messages and pictures collected from a spouse's Facebook page or the page of someone he or she has been in communication with may even end up being presented in divorce court as reason for the dissolution of a marriage. One woman discussed how she discovered that her husband had been meeting with an ex-girlfriend while either lying or being less than forthcoming about the meetings. He had stepped away from his laptop while still signed in to his Facebook account and his wife went snooping. She found messages arranging a meeting between the two. The messages did not indicate whether the meeting was romantic or just friendly in nature but it was enough to create or exacerbate difficulties this couple was already having. Do you have questions concerning grounds for divorce? Consult with a divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

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No matter what the circumstances are that may have led you to either pursue a divorce or become the respondent, it is crucial that you know what to expect at this difficult time. An experienced, dedicated divorce attorney with us at the Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, A.P.C may be able to help you get the outcome you are looking for.

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