Articles From Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, A.P.C.

New Divorce “Documentary” Criticized for being Emotion- rather than Fact-Driven

Critics with “LA Weekly Film” recently reviewed the 2014 self described documentary Divorce Corp.

Navigating through a Contested Divorce

Whether you and your spouse mutually agreed to pursue a divorce or if there is disagreement about getting a divorce, the situation can be very emotionally difficult.

Could Divorce Issues be involved in Increasing Truancy Rates?

According to the Pasadena director of child welfare, attendance and safety, Eric Sahakian, budget cuts resulting in reduced staff and financial hardship suffered by families have been some of the ...

Deciding between Divorce and Legal Separation

The processes for filing for divorce and legal separation have many similarities which can leave people wondering which should be pursued.

Is Facebook Creating Unnecessary Difficulties in Your Relationship?

The role of Facebook in people’s lives has become undeniable. It has many benefits for both personal and professional uses.
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