Goodman & Leopold Articles What To Know About Divorce in New Jersey?

What To Know About Divorce in New Jersey?

By Abdul Bari  Dec. 19, 2014 6:58a

If a couple wants to file a divorce case in New Jersey then the couple must have all the residential proofs ready in order to produce the proofs in front of the court and so that the court may accept the case. However; if the court feels that the case is not under its jurisdiction, the case won’t be accepted by the court and it will be finally dismissed.

According to the family law New Jersey, there are certain requirements one need to fulfil in order to file a divorce case. Apart from that, there are also certain grounds on the basis of which divorce can be filed. Divorce can arise due to several reasons like adultery, which means cheating on the spouse and having a love relation outside the wedlock. Separation can also ignite divorce. When a couple is living in two different houses for eighteen months and there is no possibility for any reconciliation then divorce as a solution becomes applicable. Domestic violence is one of the other major reasons that can lead to divorce. Domestic violence is not only hurting one’s spouse physically but it also means hurting someone mentally like fighting verbally is also a type of mental violence. In such a case, the complainant must file a complaint and divorce case within three months of the incidence.

In a marriage compatibility is something that matters the most because without compatibility and understanding, no marriage can de successful and it can eventually lead to divorce. If a person is consuming drugs prohibited by the state or is a habitual drunkard then the spouse has the grounds to file a divorce, as mentioned in the family law New Jersey. Other that that, if a person is ill for twelve months or more than that, then the other spouse will be able to file a divorce case. Or if the defendant forcefully tries to make sexual contact with the plaintiff, then the plaintiff can file for divorce on this ground.

Then the court will assign case number as well as the name of the court will be mentioned. The complaint for divorce and the judgement will be clearly mentioned in order to finalise the divorce case. As getting a divorce is a pretty tough affair, one needs to get a good learned and experienced divorce lawyer. He should always be updated about the new developments in the field of divorce and at the same time, must also be able to provide clever strategies to clients, as to how the case can be mitigated by avoiding the hassles of the court, like settling for an out of court settlement.

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