Goodman & Leopold Articles New Jersey Family Law- How Child Custody is Calculated?

New Jersey Family Law- How Child Custody is Calculated?

By Abdul Bari  Dec. 24, 2014 5:45a

When divorce separate people, it is not merely the couple who get separated, but also sometimes the parents and their children. While people separate their ways to avert the problem in their married life, the act becomes a huge setback for the children who are associated with divorced parents. While the fact that they become immensely demoralized is one thing, their economic condition and academic performance also gets badly affected. This is the reason why the New Jersey state law takes all the efforts to provide these children with all the benefits and privileges that they would have otherwise received, had the marriage sustained. According to the family law New Jersey, the custody of the child or children of the married couple, is either handed over to one of the parents or among both the parents, in which the responsibility of the custody is shared between the parents. However; the court not just merely hands over the responsibility of the child or children to the custodial parent; the court also orders a certain amount for the maintenance of the child and to support the life, academic and health needs of the child. This article will explain how the New Jersey courts calculate the child maintenance costs.

Income of parents:

Despite the fact that the custody of the child or children of the separating parents is generally handed over to only one parent, the New Jersey courts divide the maintenance or child support charges between both the parents. This means, that both the parents then become entitled to pay for their child’s or children’ upbringing and the court usually comes to the decision after examining and analyzing the income of both the parents. The parent who has a higher income level is generally provided with the responsibility of incurring higher maintenance changes than the other parent. For instance; if the custodial parent has lower income than the non-custodial parent, according to the family law New Jersey, the non-custodial has to bear greater expanses.

Child Support Worksheet:

The exact amount for the child support is generally calculated in New Jersey with the help of a child support worksheet. The worksheet provides an accurate or approximate value required for supporting the child’s or children’ needs and also calculates the parents’ obligations like tax dues, retirement support amount etc while calculating the child support amount. After analyzing the parents’ income and the approximate value for child support, the court orders the child support amount.

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