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Family Law New Jersey – Marriage and LGBT

By Abdul Bari  Dec. 10, 2014 5:27a

According to the law in family law in New Jersey, one needs to issue a marriage license before the marriage. It is actually the license or one can call it confirmation letter to get married. The validity of this license is thirty days i.e., after issuing this license, one must get married within thirty days because after that the license becomes invalid; however, if one fails to get married within the time period, then again one has to issue for the license before thirty days of his or her marriage.

Regarding marriage, there are certain norms which family law New Jersey follows like, both the bride and the groom must have reached their age of marriage. Secondly, the would-be-bride and the groom must not be related to each other, through blood relations; it is believed that off springs of such couples are not born healthy, their immune system are not very strong. Thirdly, the intended couple should not be having another spouse at the time of marriage. And lastly, the most important one is compatibility or mental match. If a couple lack that understanding power then the marriage is never considered a long lasting one.

Family law New Jersey is a bit conservative one so here, marriage between the same sex or homosexuality is a serious affair and marriage between them is not at all encouraged. But at the same time, New Jersey offers civil union partnership between people of same sex. The couples, who fall under civil union, enjoy all equal rights and responsibilities like the married couples in New Jersey do, though the federal law does not recognise such civil unions.

In order to protect the relationships (among the same sex) one need to take proper legal steps to protect and define their relationships. The family law New Jersey regarding gays and lesbians are changing and it is a continuous process, so it is very important now to take the right and judicious steps in accordance with the law of the state. In case a couple fails to do so, then the couple may run a chance of getting separated in the future and it is at this point of time, the person who actually suffers the most is the child or the kid the couple is co-parenting. At that point of time crisis arises in that child’s life in terms of medical and personal matters and the child becomes confused and struggles to adapt to the situations.

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