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Man Sentenced Up to 23 Months in Domestic Violence Case

A man that admitted to the repeated assault of a woman he was dating has been sentenced in Montgomery County Court for 11 ½ to 23 months in county jail, as reported by The Time Herald for Norristown and Montgomery County, PA.

The sentence also includes two years of probation, 200 hours of community service and the completion of a domestic violence counseling class.

The man, K.R.G., of Lower Pottsgrove, admitted to using a closed fist and punching his girlfriend on both her head and face during an argument in his home in December 2010.  As part of a plea agreement he pleaded guilty to simple assault and recklessly endangering another person - both are misdemeanor charges.

The sentence was handed down by Judge William R. Carpenter.  K.R.G. has been in jail since December 22 and is eligible for a work release program through the jail.

On December 15 at approximately 2 p.m. police responded to a call from Pottstown Memorial Medical Center to investigate an alleged assault. 

Once there, the victim told police that the man she was dating, K.R.G., assaulted her the night before.  She had been visiting him in his home, along with her 6 year-old daughter, when the man became uncontrollably angry.

An arrest affidavit filed by Lower Pottsgrove Detective J.C. read, "(The victim) advised that during that time, (K.R.G.) became angry at her and began punching her in the head and face area. (The victim) reported that (K.R.G.) was on top of her punching and she blacked out momentarily.  (The victim) said she was in fear for her life."

According to the criminal complaint the victim's young daughter witnessed the attack.  The child allegedly attempted to stop K.R.G. from harming her mother but he "was out of control."

Police said that the mother and daughter were able to escape to a neighbor's home.

The neighbor told police that she had heard "loud screams and cries for help" directly coming from K.R.G.'s home shortly before the two females arrived at 10 p.m.

Court papers state that when they sought refuge at the neighbor's home, the victim's face was "covered in blood" and her little daughter was crying.

Detective J.C. said that the victim's right eye socked was fractured, and she also suffered with additional cuts, bruises and swelling to her head and face. 

In the arrest affidavit, when K.R.G. was questioned about the attack he admitted to police that he had struck the victim's face and head "several times with a closed fist".

By pleading guilty to a simple assault charge - under the state's law - K.R.G. has admitted to cause, or knowingly or recklessly caused, bodily injury to another person.

Victims of domestic violence learn that stopping the cycle of abuse can only occur when charges are pressed - forcing jail time, probation, and/or counseling.  Contact a family law attorney today before your situation escalates any further.

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