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Process of Adoption Undergoing Changes

When you are deciding whether to adopt a child, you may have spoken with friends, family and other couples that have gone through the process. While you may hear some horror stories about adoptions gone horribly wrong, you should be aware that the process of adoption itself is undergoing some serious changes.

Several years ago, on April 1, 2008, a treaty was ratified by the United States. The Hague Convention discusses how member nations can help protect and support children around the world, and has now been adopted by 78 countries. Among the items listed in the treaty is the ability of member countries to sponsor and allow adoptions between countries, especially the United States.

Should you go through a public company to adopt a child, you will likely be asked to complete a series of classes for prospective foster parents. These classes will cover not just the process of adoption, but common problems that may arise when you bring an adoptive child into your home. If you go through a private company that doesn't require these classes, you can still search for them in your community to get a better idea of adoption.

Planning to adopt?  If so, it is advised that you retain the services of a family lawyer.

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