How can I protect my daughter from my husband if he hurt her?

My husband beat my daughter about the face and head while driving home from the local Wal Mart. There were bruises becoming apparent as soon as they entered our home. She told me he had hit her six times in the face because he was mad at her. This was over her interrupting him playing a game on his phone when she came out of the store. He cursed and yelled at her and she told him he didn't need to act like that because it was stupid. That is when he hit her the first time. He kept yelling and told her to call him stupid again and she said you are being stupid. Once again he hit her in the face. She told him she was telling her mother. He then hit her extremely hard in the face. She tried sticking her head out the window to avoid blows and hearing his cursing. She told him she didn't like him and he hit her again. This persisted with the demeaning yelling and cursing. She told him she didn't want to live with him anymore while she was crying so he hit her again. At this point she told him she hated him and he hit her again. He almost wrecked the car during these actions and at one time slammed on the brakes to try to hit her into dash causing the car to swerve and almost flip. When they arrived home I , the mother, saw the bruises and said I had to call police. He then ripped my phone from my hands and slammed it into the wall. He was between my daughter and I so I told her to quickly get out the front door while I went out the back. My daughter and I went to neighbors and they called police. She had multiple contusions to her face as well as pulled/strained muscles from where he hit her so hard that it swung her head to the side. The police acted as if she deserved it and called it discipline. They took a report and some pictures which were not easy to see since the one officer would not get his flashlight out of car. Everything was dropped in court. I took her to the ER and the doctor said this was not discipline and contacted DSS. They assigned a company to talk to all parties. The worker conatected him first and after their meeting he bragged that he got out of the child endangerment charges and was not gonna get into trouble. There is not protection plan installed for her and the only thing we can do is if he returns to our home we have to remove my daughter. This means she will not be able to live in her own home with her mother. If he tries to take her they said she can refuse and if he insists she can call police then she has to call the worker so that the worker can tell them she doesn't have to go with him. My daughter is 16 and is scared with no one to help her. I can't afford a lawyer and we will lose our home and vehicle due to these actions. Please tell me if there are any actions I can take to protect her from his rages and make her feel that this behavior is inappropriate. She feels now like there is no use to even call police if someone hurts her since they will not protect her. They were even gonna force her to do counseling with him though he has said he has no remorse and will do it again.

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Whether you or your daughter is being subjected to domestic violence, there are steps you can take to defend yourself. You should not have to live in fear because of your husband’s abusive behavior. Under South Carolina civil law, you could be able to request an order of protection in order to ensure that your daughter is safe. This does not mean that you are asking for your husband to be sent to jail, but it does mean that if he violates the court order which was taken out to protect you, he could be put behind bars. A judge will need to sign the order of protection which will state that if the abuse does not stop, he will be subject to serious penalties. As abuse includes physical violence, injury, and assault, you are well within your rights to request this type of court order. Talk to an attorney from Conway if you feel as though you need someone to help you through these legal proceedings.

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