Relocating from one town to another in the same county, do I have to file relocation with court house?

Lease runs out and moving in with fiancy in September. Do I need fathers conscent to move? Do I have to file relocation with court house?

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In Pennsylvania, even a move within the same county, such as in your case, could constitute relocation. Pennsylvania’s “New Child Custody Law” was enacted in January 2011 and changed how child custody laws operate in the state. When the parent with full physical custody wants to change residence, they must provide a notice to any other person, whether it is the other parent or grandparent, who has custodial or visitation rights of the child. This relocation includes a move out of state, out of the county, or any other move which would impair the individual’s ability to spend time with their child. Included in the notice of the intention to move, you must also include your new address, your child’s new school, the reason the move is necessary, as well as any changes to custody or visitation which the move may entail. However, as each case is unique, it is highly recommended that you seek counsel from an attorney from your local area. This is especially important if the father raises any objections to the move.

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