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Maryland Lawmakers Considering Pet Custody Law

By The Law Office of Nicholas T. Exarhakis  Mar. 11, 2011 11:30a

With so many dual income households without children, lawmakers are bound to introduce legislation regarding “pet custody” into divorce laws eventually. To some people, the whole idea may seem very ridiculous; however, for couples without kids, pet custody is a very serious matter. Men and women love their pets, and all too often, spouses can have a stronger bond with their dogs and cats, then one another. For years dueling spouses have fought, tooth and nail to gain sole custody over their pets, and now, the State of Maryland is considering making official legislation addressing the growing problem of “pet custody” in Maryland divorces.

There will be a hearing on March 14th at 1 p.m. before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee where the bill will be proposed, refining divorce law and how it handles pet custody. The proposed law would give the court power to: give sole custody of the pet to one spouse, give sole ownership rights to one spouse; while giving visitation rights to the other spouse on a court determined schedule or, give joint custody to both spouses where they would have to abide by a court ordered visitation schedule.

In addition, the court would not be allowed to order either party to pay any pet related expenses to the other party; the spouses would have to make any financial arrangements on their own. If you are getting a divorce and would like more information about how pet custody issues will be addressed in your divorce, contact an Annapolis family law attorney today.

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