Law Office of Nicholas T. Exarhakis Articles Convicted Child Murderer Seeks Custody Of Sons-In-Law

Convicted Child Murderer Seeks Custody Of Sons-In-Law

By Law Office of Nicholas T. Exarhakis  Jan. 30, 2012 3:20p

Superior Court Judge Rules in Heated Child Custody Dispute

In a strange family law case that is making national headlines, a woman convicted of executing her daughter two decades ago is seeking the right to live with her sons from her husband's second marriage. The convoluted custody case pits a mother against her ex-husband in a bitter divorce proceeding that has history ranging across the entire West Coast.

The custody battle rages around two teenage boys, who currently split their time between their mother in Oregon and their father in Washington. The father, a retired Marine, married his second wife in 1995, only a few years after losing his daughters from his first marriage in 1991, when his first wife, K, suffered a mental breakdown and shot the young girls as they slept while the father was serving overseas.

The horrific incident shocked the residents of Orange County, where the husband and wife were living. K was viewed as a "super mom" who handled her daughter's busy schedules with ease while her husband was away. The court eventually ruled that K was not guilty due to clinical insanity, which psychologists argued had been triggered by a bad reaction to the Prozac K was prescribed at the time.

Second Wife Seeks Sole Custody of Boys

After divorcing his second wife in 2004, the husband reconnected with K after she was released unconditionally from her mental hospital. Doctors assigned to her case decided that she was entirely cured of the insanity that caused her to shoot her daughters more than a decade previously, and she began to live with her husband, eventually remarrying in 2005.

When the mother learned that her ex-husband was living with K again, she immediately sought to legal aid, demanding the sole custody of her teenage sons to prevent them from living with their mother-in-law. An arbitrator assigned to the child custody case eventually ruled to block her motion, arguing that the father deserved to see his sons, and that K did not pose a threat to her sons-in-law.

The mother and her child custody lawyer have appealed the decision, seeking a second opinion from the King County Superior Court. A Judge with the district will review the case and determine if concerns over K's prior history warrants removing the boys from their father's custody.

A Divorce Attorney in Annapolis Can Help Today

Seeking a child custody settlement is almost never an easy task. The emotions involved in a familial dispute almost always complicate matters, necessitating the intervention of a trained professional expert. At the Law Office of Nicholas T. Exarhakis, the sharp legal minds at our firm are dedicated to representing each client with skill and aplomb. You deserve compassionate and considerate representation by an experienced Annapolis divorce attorney. Speak with our office to learn everything you need to know about your custody case today!

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