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Long Island High Net Worth Divorce

By Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC  Dec. 13, 2010 4:51p

Going through a divorce can be a very difficult and emotional experience for all parties involved. When a couple with a high net worth gets a divorce, the process is significantly more complex and difficult than a standard divorce. In addition, due to the extent and value of the assets, one or both spouses run the risk of losing a vast amount of money and property in the divorce. Such high net worth cases, demand and require the professional legal assistance from a Long Island high net worth divorce attorney.

Regardless if there is an existing prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement, all high net worth divorces are best serviced by a seasoned divorce lawyer who can adequately meet the demands that a high net worth divorce requires. High net worth divorces typically involve the division of extensive marital property and significant monetary assets. Additionally, they may also involve a family business, an inheritance or retirement accounts and pensions. All of which, are assets that need protection in the event of a divorce. If handled incorrectly, one or both spouses can be left with an unfair share of the assets in the end. This is precisely why, it's essential that you hire a knowledgeable contested and uncontested divorce lawyer right away, who is invested in protecting you and your interests.

Long Island High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

If you are getting a divorce in Long Island or the surrounding areas, a Long Island high net worth divorce attorney at Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates can help. We will handle your divorce with the utmost professionalism and care. We understand the heightened level of importance and the risk involved in your divorce. We will work to resolve your issues through whichever means is necessary, be it mediation, litigation or negotiation.

Contact a Long Island High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer at the Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates today for a free case evaluation.

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