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Divorce: Honesty Can Be the Best Policy

By Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC  Oct. 19, 2011 4:32p

Going through a divorce can be extremely emotional and having a qualified attorney to guide you can make this happen far more easily. One way that can bring more difficulty and complexity to a divorce case is to be dishonest. The divorce laws are set up in a certain way and if you violate the rules and intentionally withhold information from the court or alter the truth, you will harm the success of your case. Your credibility is a very valuable asset to your case and if this gets tarnished, you could lose the respect of the judge causing you to lose ground.

Disclosing the Facts

If you fail to disclose some financial asset or source of income in your divorce, you may be surprised in court when the opposing council (your partner's attorney) suddenly brings it to light in the court room. That failure to disclose could color you in a negative light in the eyes of the court, regardless as to whether the error was intentional or not.

The Attorney-Client Relationship

None of us are free from error and we all make mistakes in relationships; the relationship with your attorney however, needs to be a transparent one and the reason for this is as follows. If there are things that you have done that your partner doesn't know about (or you may erroneously think they don't know about), this can come back and bite you if brought into the court room. It is amazing how something that you consider to be insignificant can turn against you in a divorce case.

As an example, if you slapped or hit your partner on some occasion out of anger, this can be brought into a court case and can portray you as a person inclined to violent and abusive behavior. If you had a DUI and your attorney did not know, you could appear as an irresponsible individual and/or parent. At minimum, tell your lawyer about any things you may have done that could be most likely used against you in court.

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