Goodman & Leopold Press Divorce in New Jersey- Factors Which Affect Property Division

Divorce in New Jersey- Factors Which Affect Property Division

By Abdul Bari December 29, 2014

Whether it is in New Jersey or in any other part of the world, division of property and alimony payment occurs everywhere around the world, after couples part their ways by the means of divorce. However; the calculations which are used by each countries and their states to determine the amount of alimony and how the common property among the couple must be divided is always different. Likewise, New Jersey also has its special set of rules and regulations and viewpoint towards calculating the matter or property division among separating couples. Hence; if you are also facing divorce proceedings in a New Jersey court and would like to know about the process, as to what are the factors which affect New Jersey courts' decision of property division, you must read ahead.

Age of spouse:

According to the family law New Jersey, courts generally pay a very high attention to the age of the separating couple, especially the age and health of the wife while deciding on how to divide the property among the spouses. This is because, it is generally the wife who leaves her maiden home to live in her husband's home and with the marriage, it becomes extremely difficult for the wife to find a safe and sustainable haven for herself. The situation worsens wherein the couple have decided to part their way long after their marriage and the wife has lost all her professional qualifications and knowledge to get back t job and become self sufficient and self supporting. It is in such instances that the court looks at these matters and decides as to how to divide the property among the spouses and how to extend help to the spouse who was dependent on the other spouse.

Length of marriage:

Almost same as stated above, the longer the duration of the marriage, the worse will be the condition of the dependent spouse, as far as her educational qualification and professional qualities would be concerned. This is the reason, why according to the family law New Jersey, every New Jersey court takes in to consideration the length of the marriage to determine how to divide the property among the separating spouses.

Contribution of each spouse:

The other major factor that every New Jersey courts takes into account is whether how each of the spouses have contributed individually for acquiring any property after their marriage. It is after considering and analyzing this factor that the court comes to the conclusion, as to how much share of a property each spouse should obtain.

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