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Child Support in New Jersey- All about the Law

By Abdul Bari January 06, 2015

New Jersey is one of those states in the United States, which is still not very open about encouraging legal separation or divorce among couples. This is because, the state law is aware of the fact that despite being a good alternative for couples to end their sufferings of living together, divorce has never played a fancy role for the child or children associated with the separating couple. This is because, it is very crucial for the normal and healthy upbringing of a child to allow the child to reside both with his or her father and mother. Hence; divorce of parents in most cases becomes a very disturbing and tormenting thing for the divorcing couples’ children. However; since children are supposedly incapable of standing on their own feet and become self supporting, their custody is handed over to one of the parents. Child support is therefore a very important and crucial part of divorce and this article has been formatted with an intention to provide a brief yet clear idea about child custody and child support in New Jersey.

Child custody:

According to the family law New Jersey, people opting for the divorce and having issue or issues out of their present marriage, must decide among themselves or act according to the court’s order, as to who wants to take the responsibility of bringing up or in other words, wants to nurture and support the child. The New Jersey courts are provided with enough discretionary powers and freedom to take the decision of which spouse to choose to hand over the custody of the child and court usually takes many factors into consideration, while selecting the parent who will be eligible to receive the custody of the child. Some of the most common factors that a New Jersey court will compare and consider while deciding who to make the custodial parent, are economic status and income of both parents, closeness of the child or children with either of the parents, social status of parents etc.

Child support:

Once the child custody is handed over to one of the parents, the court then moves on to the matter of child support, wherein both the parents become entitled to provide a certain percentage of their income for the upbringing of the child. This decision is taken by the court, by comparing both the parents’ income and economic status. Hence; if the non-custodial parent has a higher income level as compared to the custodial parent, the non custodial parent will be ordered to pay higher for the maintenance of the child than the custodial parent. According to the family law New Jersey, the New Jersey courts make an assumption or calculate the approximate cost of supporting the child and then divide the support amount among the parents.

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