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Parenting Plans in Florida Divorce

By Charles E. Willmott, P.A.  Feb. 18, 2013 11:47a

Since 2008, the language and thus the concepts regarding the issue of child custody in a Florida divorce have changed. The terms custody and visitation have been altered into parenting plans and time sharing, replacing the concept of children as parental possessions with the idea of ongoing relationships instead. Parenting plans are detailed agreements created by parents which will cover how they will share the responsibility of providing parental support, guidance, and accessibility to their children following a divorce. These plans should adhere to guidelines which encourage the continuing and frequent contact with both parents for children. With cooperation, these plans can be constructive tools providing structure for children in the post-divorce situation.

Matters that will be covered in such plans include how each parent will spend time with the child, how health care and educational matters will be handled, how parents will communicate with the child, and more. Factors which will impact parenting plans include the physical, mental, and financial capacities of the parents, their moral character, geographical factors, whether either parent has been abusive or has a substance abuse problem or has made false statements about any matter concerning neglect, abandonment, or abuse, and other factors. Parenting plans must be approved by the court, which will take all of these factors into consideration, always operating on the principal of the best interests of the child.

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Issues involving children in a divorce can be complicated and emotionally-charged. Having the guidance of a skilled and experienced divorce attorney can ensure that your parental rights and interests are protected and maintained in the event of a divorce. At the divorce and family law firm of Charles E. Willmott, P.A., you can work with an attorney who has 20 years of experience in this field. Furthermore, he has been Board Certified by the Florida Bar making Mr. Willmott a legal expert and specialist.

Your questions, concerns, and problems regarding your divorce and the issue of children as well as other related matters can be addressed and resolved with Mr. Wilmott's legal expertise. Contact the firm if you are facing a potential divorce in and around the greater Jacksonville area to learn more about what is involved in your case and how the firm can assist you.

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