Palimony in California

By The Law Offices of Marc E. Mitzner  Jan. 31, 2014 4:15p

In today's society, many couples live together without taking the final step of marriage. When these couples split up, dividing up their assets and property can be complicated as they do not have the legal benefits of married partners. Palimony is the name for the legal process of dividing property between unmarried partners.

California law does not specifically recognize common law marriages like some other states do. In some cases, the concept of a "putative spouse" may apply, however. This means that the person believed himself or herself to be married when they really were not validly married. This can happen if one of the spouses was still married to someone else at the time of the marriage in question, although other circumstances may also fall under this category. California law recognizes the putative spouse category which gives that spouse the same rights as a legally married spouse, such as a division of marital property as community property and the right to seek spousal support.

Unwed couples who are not putative spouses also have rights. They may create an agreement that will treat their assets and property as community property. This is what is known as palimony. The agreement created is like a contract giving these specific rights to the spouses involved; these rights may include property and the right to financial support in the event of the couple's separation.

Family Lawyer in Orange County, California

Palimony is just one issue that can be resolved with the legal help of an established and reputable family lawyer in your area. If you need help resolving a palimony matter in the Orange County area, the Law Offices of Marc E. Mitzner has the experience and knowledge to assist you. Mr. Mitzner is a sole practitioner who has devoted his entire career to divorce and family law. You will get the kind of legal service only available from a sole practitioner when you bring your case to him. That means he will personally represent you from start to finish; your case will never be handed off to someone else.

That kind of reliable and close association between you and your lawyer brings about much-needed trust and communication. Family law issues are often difficult and emotional in themselves which means having the continual solid advice from an experienced attorney can only be beneficial. To learn more about Mr. Mitzner and his firm and to better understand the legal factors involved in your divorce, palimony, or other family law matter, contact the firm for a free case evaluation.

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