Law Offices of Frank F. Ali Articles How Violent Sexual Felonies Affect California Spousal Support

How Violent Sexual Felonies Affect California Spousal Support

By Law Offices of Frank F. Ali  Nov. 5, 2013 10:25a

California Family Code Section 4324 concerns how violent sexual felonies committed by one spouse against another can affect their divorce. Under California law, violent sexual felonies include rape, sodomy, oral copulation, sexual penetration, and rape, spousal rape, or sexual penetration committed "in concert" with another, such as through aiding and abetting. Under Section 4324.5 spousal support from an injured spouse will not be awarded to a spouse who has been convicted of such crimes against his or her partner.

Other facets of this section of the law state that the injured spouse will not be required to pay any of the convicted spouse's attorney's fees out of his or her separate property and that the date of their legal separation can be set as the date of the incident for which the implicated spouse was convicted. The date of the legal separation may be set earlier by the court if circumstances are found which make it justifiable. This section of law also entitles injured spouses to 100 percent of the community property interest in their own retirement or pension accounts or benefits. The law states that the injured spouse is the spouse who was subject to the violent sexual felony for which the other spouse was prosecuted and convicted.

Spouses who are found to have engaged in domestic violence incidents will find that convictions of these types of crimes will impact their ability to obtain or retain child custody and visitation rights.

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